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Whistle Six promotes social change

Whistle Six promotes social change by supporting the drive towards healthier environments. This delivers far-reaching benefits in terms of quality of life for us all now and for future generations.

Our choice of support is around helping to reduce everyday germs that cause minor illnesses, colds, flu, stomach bugs, the reduction of harmful chemicals, social and workplace education.

Being particularly clean is now a way of life, we all spend a small fortune on anti-bacterial products, cleaning and trying to reduce the chances of picking up germs from the surfaces we live and work around. Yet we constantly seem to catch one bug or another and in total, we lose 31 million days every year to minor illnesses such as colds, flu and stomach bugs.

To make things worse the figure is increasing year on year and we now have the added problem of the overuse of antibiotics because we take them for minor illnesses. The effect could set us back years in terms of medical progress and general health. Should we all be licking door handles to build up our immune system? It’s a big ask!

Germs evolve and mutate daily, so that’s a lot of licking required! it just seems more natural to stay clean, find a more effective way to help tackle minor illnesses and leave antibiotics for more serious conditions.

By reducing the days lost every year through a more effective way of tackling germs will help towards improving our economy and in turn our standard of living. The way forward is innovation and education.

Lesson one: cleaning is cleaning, sanitisation is killing germs.

In terms of cleaning our homes, cars, the services provided at work and social venues, we are pretty much experts and have achieved a very good standard given the task at hand. Now we need to tackle germs in the same effective way and as with our cleaning regime, we all need to get involved.

Imagine for a moment that everything you touched was covered in bugs, bugs, and more bugs, well it is, covered in germs you can’t see, this is why we have colds, flu, stomach bugs and in certain environments could be fatal.

Now imagine just for a moment more that someone had put a thin layer of hair gel all over your desk, your keyboard, telephone, kitchen, bathroom, walls, cupboards, the bus, the gym, coffee shop, everywhere, and imagine the unforgiving task of wiping it off, sticky and wet. Trying to get into every nook and cranny of every surface and crevice, whilst the cloth is spreading the gel from surface to surface, your hands are covered and now your rubbing your nose!

So that’s the problem, but there is a solution, have a look at our services and our ambition and become part of the crucial solution and a social movement.


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