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Next Generation Sanitising Services

Providing effective and fast sanitising solutions to commercial and domestic environments

Fighting against everyday minor illnesses

Every surface you touch is covered with germs.

In the UK alone, thirty-one million days are lost to minor illnesses like flu’s, colds and stomach bugs every year.

Between 2014 and 2016, the number of working days lost to minor illnesses increased by more than a quarter.

Minor ailments like colds are responsible for 95 per cent of short-term absence from school or work.

Every surface you come in contact with is covered in living germs.

  • on your desk
  • at the coffee shop
  • at the gym
  • actually… every single thing you touch in every public space and working environment
  • and the transport you take to get there

These germs are FREE to take home and that is EXACTLY what we do.

You cannot see them, but they are there, and they are multiplying and spreading from surface to surface at an alarming rate, and we are rarely prepared for the next strain.

Airborne germs take on moisture, fall to a surface and can remain there for up to 24 hours and longer during which time they are picked up by our hands and passed easily to our nose and mouth.

“Bacteria and germs can spread and grow around a workplace really quickly. In less than five hours, 500 bacteria can become 16,000,000.”

“Office desks can be up to 400 times more affected than a toilet seat.”

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